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Goalkeeper Mentality

The Role of the Goalkeeper and How to Manage Mistakes

By Jeff Oleck - September 26, 2017

In order to be a goalkeeper at an elite level - whether that is at the club, high school, college, or professional level - you have to have an elite mentality.  That is easier said than done, as goalkeepers often shoulder the burden of the result of the game and their mistakes are often singled out in the event of a bad result.  Goalkeepers can be the hero, or the goat, but are often remembered more for mistakes they make than saves they perform.  

Striking a delicate balance between self-criticism and having a short memory, goalkeepers must absorb and learn from mistakes while also turning their focus to the next task or next action which requires their full attention.

This short video produced by Manchester City provides a glimpse of how their Elite Development Squad (EDS) goalkeepers are taught to embrace their challenging role, manage mistakes, and take on a mentality that both criqitues and forgives.

I encourage all our goalkeepers to be aware of how they process mistakes, what their "triggers" are, and go into their next match with a conscious awareness of how their performance (good, bad, or otherwise) affects their state of mind.

I look forwad to seeing you all out on the training ground!

Coach O.