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As the season winds down take time to think about WHY you play soccer and WHAT motivates you

By Jeff Oleck

As we approach the end of the season, tryouts, team selections, and start to think about beginning a new campaign (after some much deserved rest!)'s important that you take some time to self-reflect and make sure you understand "WHY" you participate in competitive soccer, and "WHAT" motivates you to continue doing what you are doing.
You may have a different reason (or reasonS) then your best friend, your teammate, or your coach...and that's ok.  But remember, you must know WHY you participate, practice, sweat, and struggle.  Without a clear understanding of what motivates you, you are simply going through the motions.
So, rather than pretending to be an expert in sports psychology (which I am not), I want to let the professionals do the talking this week and feature an article written on a Sports Performance website,  This week's Tech Tuesday relates to Motivation.
This article contains some challenging concepts but is applicable to all ages.  Parents and Families - I'll lean on you to help your young player through this information.
I'll conclude with this quote from the article:
"Motivation will not always be present. There will be days when you are tired, sore, discouraged, and just not “motivated” to work hard or practice. When days like this occur, and they will, you must ask yourself, “how dedicated am I to achieving my goals?” If your goals are truly important to you, you will be able to work hard even in the absence of motivation."