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Why Storm?

why choose colorado storm

The Most Comprehensive Development Club in the State

Not only do we offer player pathways to several national and regional boys and girls leagues and programs (ENCL, DA, WCDA, FWRL, ODP, Olympic Training Center), we also have more playing opportunities and levels than any other club around.  

We have regions across the state which serve a combined 7,500 member participant base, and we also have additional development opportunities in and arounds the game through coaching mentorship, Topps buddies, afterschool coaches, referee coordinator and referee programs, volunteer programs and internships. 

We prepare and promote players along to collegiate and professional playing careers.  Our coaching staff is the most diverse and educated group in the state with coaching directors from Argentina, Colombia, Italy, England, Mexico, Germany, and the United States.  We have on staff former national team players and coaches, professional players and coaches, and collegiate players and coaches.

We value diversity and education of the game, but most importantly, we value each and every member of the club and are always striving to support the growth and development of every player in our club.