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Sparks - Colorado Storm

colorado storm sparks under 4 soccerColorado Strom - Where Sparks Fly

U4 (for players born in 2014 above the age of 3)

Sparks is the perfect introduction to soccer for our youngest players with the focus on early soccer development.  At this young age players, should be learning about and understanding the scope of abilities that their own bodies can achieve.  Sparks are learning to balance on their feet and use their lower bodies effectively. While they are able to kick, many use their hands as the primary body part to manipulate objects. We encourage them to use their lower bodies more effectively in order to improve balance, overall coordination, and kicking abilities so that as they grow they develop the tools necessary to begin playing soccer.  In addition to overall coordination and body awareness participants are taught the basics of soccer in a imaginative way that allows the child to develop a love of the game through age appropriate play. 

Sparks is offered throughout the year in 6 week intervals.  Each region has multiple days/times available for Sparks participants. 

Equipment needed: 
Shin-guards with socks covering them, tennis shoes, #3 sized soccer ball, and a water bottle.

Sparks Director:
Katie Beaudoin