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Recreational Game Coordinators

Storm Referee Program

Colorado Storm offers multiple options for those interested in becoming a referee.  From the Storm Recreational Game Coordinator Program to the U.S. Soccer Certifications offered by the Colorado Referee Program you have options.  Join the referee program and move up the ladder.  Refereeing is a great job, Colorado Storm offers a wonderful program to get you started at the appropriate level of competition and advance in the program.  Who knows, we could have a future FIFA referee out there!

Recreational Game Coordinator Program

Anyone over the age of 11 is allowed to become a Recreational Game Coordinator.  This is an introductory program and serves as a stepping stone for those interested in becoming full-time referees.

USSF Referee Program 

This is a program for those interested in being a certified as a U.S. Soccer Referee.  The minimum age requirement is 12 years  to begin a series of certification classes beginning with the U.S. Soccer Recreational Referee Course (Grade 9).  For more information visit the Colorado Referee Committee.

Informational Referee Video

Recreational Game Coordinator

Referees are an important part of the game at all levels; Colorado Storm offers the Storm Recreational Game Coordinator Program as a way for its members to earn some money while learning the basics of being a referee and enjoying the game of soccer! The Recreational Game Coordinator program is an introduction for anyone interested in the job of the referee at the recreational level without any out of pocket expense.  Storms requires the participant to be  a minimum of 11 years old at the time of the class and to attend a 4 hour class at Storm South offices.

Storm Recreational Game Coordinators will be issued a shirt and a whistle on their first day at the fields.  The Game Coordinators will be be allowed to referee Colorado Storm in house recreational games at Founders in Castle Rock, Gates Complex for Storm South, and Northwest Open Spaces in Northglenn. Recreational Coordinators will submit availability to Leonard Apodaca and will be paid for each shift worked.

To register for the next CO Storm Recreational Coordinator class please contact Leonard Apodaca.  Class sizes are limited so register now while there is space. Questions regarding the CO Storm Recreational Game Coordinator Program should be directed to: Leonard Apodaca -

Colorado Storm Game Coordinator Program Overview

The Colorado Storm Game Coordinator Program is an opportunity to give youth an introduction into soccer officiating.

The program focuses on the following:

  • Classroom Instruction
  • On Field Instruction- with dedicated mentors with many years of officiating experience. This also gives a one on one experience to the young coordinators
  • Introduction to small sided games focusing on the following:
    • Positioning
    • Fouls and Misconducts
    • Game Management
  • Program is great for those youths who want to see if soccer officiating is "right" for them
  • Opportunity to learn the game in a low stress environment
  • Program is for youths ages 10 and above. Please note that any official must be 2 years older than any player they officiate
  • Great place for young officials to start 

The Recreational Game Coordinator is your first step as a referee, after gaining experience and understanding the basic job of the referee you have opportunities to advance as a referee with a U.S. Soccer certification.

Rec Game Coordinator Contact

Leonard Apodaca

Rec Game Coordinator Classes

Fall 2017

New Recreational Game Coordinator Classes 
Dates: 8/22, 8/26, 9/6, 9/13


Refresher Classes
9/5, 9/7


Rec Game Coordinator Availability Form
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