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Storm Parent Resources

Player, Parent & Coaches Code of Conduct

As a player, parent, or coach you are a part of a team and a club, and your actions reflect not only upon yourself but also upon your team and the Colorado Storm.

The Colorado Storm expects Players and Parents to:

  • Exemplify and demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times
  • Make sure all players attend and are prompt to all games and practices
  • Conform to all rules and policies established by the team and the club
  • Abide by the coach’s decision regarding playing time and positioning if competitive
  • Fulfill all financial obligations to the team and the club
  • Learn and obey the laws of the game
  • Avoid inappropriate behavior during practice, games, and club sponsored events
  • Treat teammates, opponents, parents, coaches, and referees with respect
  • Immediately report any injury to the coach
  • Never engage in dissent toward a referee or other official during games
  • Avoid using profane or vulgar language at all times
  • Avoid coaching from the sidelines or criticizing any players on the team
  • Never allow players to use non-prescribed controlled substances (drugs), tobacco products, or to drink alcoholic beverages during any and all practices, games, and or other club functions
  • Approach the coach first with any problems, or concerns about soccer or the team or your player
  • Remember that every player and parent represents the Colorado Storm Soccer Club!

The Colorado Storm expects Coaches to:

  • Exemplify and demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times
  • Abide by all policies established by the club and Colorado Youth Soccer
  • Respect all game officials and their decisions
  • Treat all team players honestly, fairly, and with respect
  • Motivate players and teach with a positive attitude
  • Set team rules and fairly apply them to all team players
  • Help each player of the team to improve their skill level and game understanding
  • Never use profane or vulgar language in the presence of players or parents
  • Provide timely and honest assessments of a players ability and potential
  • Never use alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs around the players
  • Treat parents with respect and always act in a professional manner
  • Provide genuine cooperation to coaches within your team’s age group
  • Never discuss potential player movement with players or their parents before first consulting with the club supervisor and the appropriate coach above or below
  • Remember every coach represents the Colorado Storm Soccer Club!

Risk Management Coordinator: Said Mossavian - Send an Email