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National Premier Leagues

NPL Overview

The National Premier League (NPL) is a league operated by US Club Soccer (which does not come under the rules or authorities of the Colorado Soccer Association). 

Storm entered the NPL in order to provide our players (boys) the opportunity to play and practice at a high level in addition to their regular Storm team schedule.  Players will be grouped by birth year rather than school year.  This will give players that chance to compete with and against different players and teams. This will provide a different level of challenges and responsibilities for each player involved.

Basic details/rules as follows
  • Cutoff date for boys is Jan 1 each year (not August 1 as per CSA teams).
  • Players can be added from any Storm team.  
  • Teams can have up to 26 players registered, but only 18 can “dress” for each game.
  • No re-entry by players in same half (once you come off, you have to stay off for the reminder of the half).
  • Participation is by invitation only.
  • There will be a nominal practice fee for all players that attend practice sessions.
  • There will be a nominal registration fee for those players selected to play.
  • There will be no additional uniform costs.
  • All Mountain League games will be played in Colorado (no travelling).
  • Regionals (top 2 teams from Colorado) will be in Arizona (June 11-12, 2016).
  • Nationals will be in Colorado (July 14-18, 2016)

For more information visit the NPL website here

NPL Teams 2016

Director of Coaching, NPL
Marc Francis -

Head Coach - 02 Boys NPL
Brian Haynes -

Head Coach - 01 Boys NPL
Marc Francis -

Head Coach - 00 Boys NPL
Marc Francis -

Head Coach - 99 Boys NPL
Marc Francis -

Head Coach - 98 Boys NPL
Ciaran O'Brien -

Head Coach - 97 Boys NPL
Carlo Cornacchia -