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Colorado Storm Uniforms

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Colorado Storm player uniforms



Online Uniform Ordering

Storm Competitive Uniforms are ordered on an individual basis through Soccer Stop's online ordering system: Firsttouch.  To order your uniform, follow the link below.

NOTE: We will be migrating to Rapids Youth Soccer Club Uniforms (pictured above) during 2018-2019.  If Storm teams are due for a uniform purchase, it will be in the Rapids kits.  Please check with your regions at team meetings and during uniform sizing events.


Also, for past Storm families moving to the new Rapids kit, you will need to set up a new login so you can select Rapids for your club and thus see the Rapids kit items instead of Storm.


Order Uniform Online  

Nike Uniform

Game Day Uniform Combinations:

  • Home Uniform: Blue Jersey, Blue Shorts and Blue Socks
  • Away Uniform: Volt (Yellow) Jersey, Black Shorts and Volt (Yellow) Socks

These are the only permitted combinations of the uniform that you may use. Teams may not substitute colors around on the uniforms. There is also no mixing and matching.

All pieces of the game uniform should be brought to all games and must be washed, clean and in good condition.

Competitive Uniform Policy

Colorado Storm maintains a two-year purchase policy for our competitive teams that is compliant with the existing sponsorship agreement between the club and our current uniform sponsor. All competitive teams will be required to purchase a new uniform kit every two years. Uniforms must be used in both league and tournament play for each team’s respective CSA season immediately following the uniform launch. The Club’s competitive uniform policy governs uniforms purchase for all Colorado Storm Teams including North, Castle Rock, South and Fort Collins competitive teams. The staff of Colorado Storm will determine the uniform for every 2 year cycle.

View Uniform Policy Details                                                                

Recreational Uniform

All Recreational players will be transitioning to Rapids jerseys for the Fall 2018 season.

Returning players will receive free Rapids jerseys if you register for the Fall 2018 season by June 30th, 2018.

Rapids Select players (9U and 10U) will be able to order recreational uniform kits online through Soccer Stop.  The recreational kits will also be available in the Soccer Stop stores in late July.

Ball sizes:

  • Size 3:   u5-u8
  • Size 4:   u9-u12
  • Size 5:   u13 and up