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Daniels Scholarship Program

Application Now Open

By Tanya Jacobson - October 12, 2017

Motivated college-bound high school seniors in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming are encouraged to visit the Daniels Fund website ( to apply online for the Daniels Scholarship Program. The application deadline is November 30, 2017.
"In establishing the Daniels Scholarship Program, cable television pioneer Bill Daniels wanted to seek out outstanding young people who possess tremendous strength of character, the passion to succeed, a willingness to work hard, and a commitment to giving back to the community," explained Linda Childears, President and CEO of the Daniels Fund.
The Daniels Scholarship Program provides a four-year, annually renewable, "last dollar" scholarship to any two- or four-year accredited nonprofit college or university in the United States, complete with financial and personal support throughout the journey. Learn more about the advantages of attending a partner school here.
To be eligible to apply for the Daniels Scholarship Program, students must:

  • Be a current high school senior graduating during the 2017-2018 academic year from a high school in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, or Wyoming.
  • Be a current resident of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah or Wyoming.
  • Be a citizen or permanent resident of the United States.
  • Earn ACT scores of at least 17 in each category (Math, English, Reading, Science); or an SAT Math score of at least 470 and an Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score of at least 450. All test scores must come from a single test. Super-scoring is not accepted.
  • Demonstrate financial need.

ACL Research Study through the University of Denver

with the 03 Girls ECNL team

By Julie Graves, MA, ATC - October 11, 2017

Colorado Storm has been conducting an ACL Research Study through the University of Denver with the 03 Girls ECNL team, in which they have been wearing the T:25 Knee from CEP Topical Gear. The purpose of these wearables is to enhance performance by increasing speed and vertical jump and reduce the risk of injury such as hamstring strains and ACL tears. This is accomplished by the T:25 pads, which applies topical pressure to train the medial quadriceps and hamstring muscles. You wear them for 1.5 hours per day, during motion, for 10 days. Continue to wear 1.5 hours every other day, during training or practice, for the next 6 weeks, or as desired. Colorado Storm and the Research Team at the University of Denver are very excited to examine data in how the T:25 Knee are making a difference in training and preventative measures. 

CEP Topical Gear also has many other products such as the compression socks. I am encouraging all athletes, especially athletes/teams that travel many times throughout the year to purchase the 2.0 Run Socks, which are full length compression socks. The progressive compression technology, which has been scientifically proven to increase circulation by up to 40%, helps you feel lighter on your feet and less fatigued no matter the distance. 

Unparalleled Wearability The socks mold to your feet like a second-skin, giving you a superior shoe fit with guaranteed blister prevention and wearing comfort.

Stay Cool Built in air-conditioning allows air to flow through the ribbed pattern on the front of the shin. Air will hit moisture that has been pulled from the surface of your skin and reduce skin temperature up-to 6 degrees Fahrenheit.

Goodbye Shin Splints CEP's high-tech compression fibers provide maximum support and stability, which helps prevent micro tears in the connective tissues that cause shin splints. 

I would highly recommend compression socks for recovery after practices and games, especially when having to travel long distance via plane and the change in pressure. They will help prevent pooling of the lower extremity due to lactic acid build up as well as fluid retention and increase circulation for maximum recovery. 

Use discount code AM-10OFF-SM17 to get 10% off
any order you make from CEP Topical Gear!


Refresher on Foam Rolling

By Julie Nickoley, Head Athletic Trainer, Colorado Storm - September 1, 2017

Are your legs feeling tight, heavy, or weak? With the season just beginning and practice and game load increasing rapidly, you need to remember to take care of your muscles off the field. Rejuvenation for your body outside of team time is crucial for peak performance. Foam rolling is a simple, affordable, and extremely beneficial way to keep your muscles in tip top shape as the season progresses.


Foam Rolling
Why should you foam roll?
The purpose of foam rolling is to create flexibility in the muscle and mobility between the skin and the muscle. Between skin and muscle there is a layer of fibrous connective tissue called fascia. This connective tissue helps stabilize and anchor muscles, as well as other internal structures. Fascia is also between muscle layers and almost every organ in the body. When a muscle or surrounding soft tissue becomes irritated due to surgery, overuse, or injury the fascia becomes irregular and fascial adhesions may form between the skin and muscle or between muscle layers. These adhesions can modify mobility, range of motion and can ultimately cause injury. Foam rolling can help decrease these adhesions while increasing mobility and range of motion in the muscle that is being rolled out. There are also trigger points or “knots” that form in muscle due to a lack of blood flow to that area because of tightness. Foam Rolling will help release these trigger points to get the muscle working at its full capacity.
Low Density or High Density? Long or short?
Foam rollers come in all shapes and sizes. The size only matters based on personal preference and travel convenience. There are also high density and low density foam rollers. For beginners, start with the low density foam roller so you can begin to mobilize the fascia/muscles being worked on without causing too much pain. Eventually you will need to build up to the high density foam roller so that the tissue is getting the most amount of pressure to release those adhesions/trigger points. Beware, foam rolling is not a comfortable thing to do and will be a little painful! That is normal. Ease into it by starting with a low density foam roller and working your way up.
Directions on how to properly foam roll:
You will use your body and gravity to properly foam roll the tissue/muscle being worked on. For soccer players, all the lower leg muscles should be rolled out. That includes: the Quadriceps (front thigh muscles), IT Band (side thigh muscle/band running from your hip to your knee), Gluteus Maximus (that big muscle you sit on!), Hamstrings (back of the thigh muscles), Adductors (inner thigh muscles), Calves (back of lower leg muscles), and Peroneals (side of lower leg muscles). When rolling out and you hit a trigger point or “knot” (you will know because it will be a sharp pain), stay on that point for at least 30 seconds or until you can feel it release and then continue rolling out slowly and controlled each muscle for 1-2 minutes per muscle group.
Foam rolling can be done before and/or after practice as many times during the day as you have time for. If you are playing a sport, you have tight muscles! So, the earlier you start foam rolling the better! Athletic performance will go up and the risk of injury will go down.
If you have any questions or would like to set up and appointment to learn more on how to properly foam roll, please contact:
Julie Nickoley
Head Athletic Trainer | Colorado Storm
University of Colorado | Sports Medicine
Work: 303-828-7162
Dr. Brant Stock. (2016). Instrument-Assisted Fascial Mobilization for Mobility and Injury Prevention [Brochure]. Pg. 2-3
Gaiamâ Restore Deep Tissue Roller in Orange [Photograph]. (2016, November 28).
ProForm 24-Inch Foam Roller [Photograph]. (2016, November 28).
PRO-TEC FOAM ROLLER 6”X18” [Photograph]. (2016, November 28).


USMNT WATCH PARTY at Resolute Brewery Sept 1

By Amy Snider - August 18, 2017

Storm USA Men’s National Team Game Watch Party/Fundraiser Sept. 1st!
Come help celebrate the start of the fall soccer season with your Storm friends on September 1st for the USA Men’s World Cup qualifier vs. Costa Rica! Our friends at Resolute Brewery have offered to host us and donate a percentage of the sales during that time to Storm’s Access to Sport programs (A2S) that help us make sure all kids have a chance to play! If you are a Storm alumni, bring in an old photo and receive a special Storm prize. The first 35 Storm members to arrive will also receive a free drink ticket. Game time kick off is 4:30pm and we will have raffles for great prizes during the game! Watch the qualifier with Storm staff and friends, help support a great cause, and kick off the fall season - Storm style! 
Event Details
When: Friday, September 1st 4:30-6:30pm
Where: Resolute Brewery - 7286 S. Yosemite St. #110, Centennial, CO 80112
Who: Storm members, alumni, coaches and staff
Why: Watch the US Men’s team qualify for the World Cup with your Storm friends and help raise money for Storm's A2S program
*This event was originally scheduled for Sept. 5th and has been changed to Sept. 1st. This is a 21 years of age and older event.

Instagram Challenge

By Storm Soccer - August 17, 2017

Colorado Storm Soccer is beginning an Instagram Monthly Challenge to get our players more involved with our Social Media and to show off our wonderful players to the soccer community. Each month we will announce a new challenge where players and parents have an opportunity to post photos or videos to Instagram using the #BeingCoStorm hashtag or emailing them to Amy Snider for a chance to win a prize. We will announce each months winner in our monthly clubwide newsletter. Below are the upcoming monthly challenges. We look forward to seeing the wonderful photos of our players and teams.

SEPTEMBER: Team Boomerang Challenge - post a boomerang video of your team having fun (using the Free Boomerang Instagram app). Post it to your Instagram using #BeingCoStorm or email the video clip to Amy at Don't forget to use the hashtag and include team info like 04ECNLGirls. 

Here is an example of a Boomerang clip on our Instagram: 

OCTOBER: Action Shot Challenge. Have your parents take an action shot of you during a game and post it to your Instagram using #BeingCoStorm or email the photo to Amy at Don't forget to use the hashtag and include team info like 05FCSelectBoys. 

NOVEMBER: Player & Parent Photo Challenge. Take a photo in your uniform with a parent and post it to your Instagram using #BeingCoStorm or email the photo to Amy at Don't forget to use the hashtag and include team info like 03CRPremierGirls. 

DECEMBER: Boots & Ball Photo Challenge. Take a photo of your teams cleats and a ball, or just your feet and a ball, spell out a word, be creative and post it to your Instagram using #BeingCoStorm or email the photo to Amy at Don't forget to use the hashtag and include team info like 01DABoys. 

JANUARY: Post Game Photo Challenge. Take a photo of what you do after a game, nap, eat, hang with teammates, play with your pet and post it to your Instagram using #BeingCoStorm or email the photo to Amy at Don't forget to use the hashtag and include team info like 13ThunderGirls. 

FEBRUARY: Fun Team Pose Challenge. Take a photo or a boomerang video of your team after a tournament or after a game and post it to your Instagram using #BeingCoStorm or email the photo to Amy at Don't forget to use the hashtag and include team info. 

Don't forget to follow our Instagram Page! 

Storm in Argentina

By Tanya Jacobson - August 13, 2017

Colorado Storm DA and ECNL 02-04 boys teams (pictured in front of San Lorenzo stadium) embarked on a tour of Argentina coordinated by Storm DOC Cacho Cordoba, the former Boca Juniors star. The itinerary included games against the 02-04 boys from Boca Juniors, River Plate, San Lorenzo, and Valez Sarsfield "futbol" clubs. They played a futsal tournament at El Alba in the town of Merlo. The groups are coached by Boys DOC Brian Haynes, former Trinindad and Tobago National team player and U13-U13 boys DOC Diego Cerro, who also played in the first division in Argentina for Newell’s old boys. The players had a chance to train with Boca Juniors' coaches Diego Senora and Fabian Fedulio on the trip. 
"We are so fortunate to provide this type of experience and exposure to our players as it can't be replicated by other clubs in the US without the contacts and connections of our experienced coaching staff," remarked Dave Dir, Storm President, who accompanied the boys to create continuous partnership programs with the Argentina clubs. He continued, “The exposure to different cultures is the reason I fell in love with soccer and dreamed of playing and coaching professionally one day. What a great opportunity for these guys."

View Photo Gallery


Dillon Serna attends Storm Foot Golf tourney

By Amy Snider - August 4, 2017

85 Footy golfers of all ages attended the 3rd Annual Footy Golf tourney hosted by Storm North at the Broadlands golf course in Westminster on Thursday, August 3rd.  The event was sponsored by Pepsi, Lamar's Donuts, Brothers Plumbing, Heating and Electric, Shoco Oil, and 1000 Degrees Pizza.  The golfers were mainly between the ages of 7-15 and enjoyed free servings of donuts and Pepsi products while they kicked and ran their way along the 18 hole course.

Rapids player, and former Storm North Alumni, Dillon Serna attended the event driving around in a cart and giving autographs at the post tourney hot dog dinner in the Broadlands dining room.

For more pics visit the Storm North gallery page


Storm North Alumni Cortne Ford Making Impact in MLS

Re-posted By Amy Snider - August 3, 2017

Rapids defender Kortne Ford delivered the moment of the match in the 2017 MLS Homegrown game Tuesday in Chicago.

Rapids’ Kortne Ford steals spotlight in 2017 MLS Homegrown game with late, game-tying goal

The Greeley native removed his shirt off, ran to the sidelines and was mobbed by teammates


The MLS Homegrown team trailed Chivas de Guadalajara U-20, 2-1, with just seconds remaining. On the last play of the game, Atlanta United’s Chris Goslin delivered a cross from deep into the box for Ford, who delivered a high header into the back of the net — giving the MLS Homegrown team the 2-2 draw with Chivas.

The Greeley native proceeded to take his shirt off and ran to the sidelines — where he was mobbed by teammates.

Ford has started in all nine appearances he’s made with the Rapids as a rookie. He became the club’s first Homegrown player to start in their home debut (4/15 v. Real Salt Lake).

In three years at the University of Denver, Ford netted five goals — all of which came in his final season — where he helped lead the Pioneers to its first trip to a College Cup.


Champions Crowned at 2017 US Youth Soccer National President's Cup

Reposted By Amy Snider - July 17, 2017

2017 National Presidents Cup logo final (flat)

Champions crowned at 2017 US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup  

Schedule, Scores and Standings  
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Daily Game Recaps Posted on

AUBURNDALE, FLA. (July 16, 2017) – After four days of play, champion teams were decided Sunday at the 2017 US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup finals in Auburndale, Fla.

Division Champion Team
13U Boys TFA SFV 04 (CA-S)
13U Girls Beach FC LB 04 Nunes (CA-S)
14U Boys Downtown LA Soccer Club 03 (CA-S)
14U Girls FC United 2003 Predator (IL)
15U Boys RGV FC Dallas 02 (TX-S)
15U Girls Colorado Storm North 02 Select (CO)
16U Boys Santos Laguna White (CA-S)
16U Girls BAC Blitz (VA)
17/18U Boys Inter America Halcones FC (CA-S)
17/18U Girls IE Surf 00 Kooiman (CA-S)

The winning teams were among 40 participating US Youth Soccer Boys and Girls teams in the 13U through 17/18U age groups that came from all over the country to compete for a national title.

Region IV teams took home seven titles with winners from Cal South and Colorado. Region III had one champion from South Texas, Region II was represented by one champion team from Illinois and Region I was represented by one from Virginia.


Final Match Highlights:

13U Boys
TFA SFV 04 (CA-S) claimed the 13U Boys National Presidents Cup title after defeating McAllen Rayados 04 (TX-S), 4-0. TFA’s first goal came off of a restart where the ball was passed through the defenders for Aldahir Rua to run onto and place in the bottom right corner of the goal. David Rodriguez increased the lead to two after Luis Lima dribbled the ball down the left flank, drew the keeper out and passed the ball for Rodriguez to finish. In the 31st minute, Jaiden Segura added a third goal, and in the 44th minute, Maximiliano Solis topped the win off with a fourth.

13U Girls
Beach FC LB 04 Nunes (CA-S) earned a late, 2-1, win against Impact GFC (OH-S) to take home the 13U Girls title. Impact GFC got on the board first thanks to a goal from Eva Dudeck in the 30th minute, but Beach FC tied up the game early in the second half as Paradyse Wong put the ball in the back of the net. Just as the game was heading to overtime, Liberty-Faith Ortiz scored the game winner in the final minute of the match.

14U Boys
Downtown LA Soccer Blue 03 (CA-S) defeated Sporting Wichita Rojos (KS), 3-0, to earn the 13U Boys National Presidents Cup title. Downtown opened the scoring right before halftime with Oliver Alfonso finding the back of the net. Carlos Lopez increased the advantage to 2-0 in the 61st minute and Alfonso added his second of the match just a minute later to bring the final score to 3-0. Downtown’s defense held tight until the final whistle earning them a clean sheet and the victory.

14U Girls
FC United 2003 Predator (IL) and Eagles SC 2003 (CA-S) played to a 3-3 draw during regulation and needed kicks from the mark to separate the two sides. FC United and Eagles traded a flurry of goals early in the game. Vivian Ventura opened the scoring in the opening minute of play with Eagles’ Caighley Espardinez equalizing just four minutes later. United regained the lead after three more minutes on a Roxana Zieba goal but the score was again brought level, this time by Eagles’ Jaydin Marucut. FC United’s Zieba scored the second of the game just before halftime to give the Illinois side the lead going into the second half. Eagles scored the lone second half goal thanks to Sawyer Dumond, and both teams’ defenses held strong to send the game into overtime. After a scoreless overtime, the game went to kicks from the mark, and in the final rounds, FC United’s Taylor Brocato made a huge stop and then Molly Sipe stepped up, making the final kick to earn the win. 

15U Boys
RGV FC Dallas 02 (TX-S) got the jump on VK Cobras (UT) during the 15U Boys final in just the ninth minute. Antonio Torres scored early, and then scored again just ten minutes later to gives FC Dallas a 2-0 lead into halftime. Sergio Escareno hit a beautiful free kick into the top right corner in the second half to push the lead to 3-0. Christian Flores added a late insurance goal as FC Dallas earned the 4-0 victory and the 15U Boys National Presidents Cup title.

15U Girls
Colorado Storm North 02 Select (CO) came back from a 2-0 deficit to defeat Arkansas Rush 02/03 Black (AR), 5-4, and take the 15U Girls title. Kiley Dulaney scored two goals within the first five minutes of the match to put Arkansas Rush ahead. However, Colorado Storm pushed to get on the board and the team finally did when Jayla Anaya followed up a shot blocked by the goalkeeper in the 26th minute. Colorado Storm continued to work for another, remaining in its offensive half, and Paige Vogel was able to equalize the game in the 40th minute. Arkansas Rush stole the lead early in the second half with a third Dulaney goal, but Colorado Storm responded two minutes later with a second Vogel goal. Makayla Merlo and Bridget Feely allowed Colorado Storm to fully take the lead, and although Sophie Nash added another goal for Arkansas Rush, Colorado Storm came out on top.

16U Boys
Santos Laguna White (CA-S) earned a 2-0 victory over Lou Fusz Soccer Club-Carotenuto (MO) to claim the 16U Boys National Presidents Cup title. After a couple blocked shots, Ulises Suarez got Santos Laguna on the board as the ball rolled to him at the top of the 18-yard box for him to drive into the bottom left corner of the goal.

16U Girls
In a tight 16U Girls final between BAC Blitz (VA) and Westside Breakers 01 Blue (CA-S), a lone penalty kick goal separated the two sides at the final whistle. Neither team could score a goal in the first half, but both teams worked hard at creating viable opportunities to take the lead. Blitz took the lead midway through the second half when it drew a penalty kick. Virginia Delacruz stepped up and finished her opportunity, giving the Virginia side the lead. Westside tried to tie the game late, but saw its long shot attempt sail over the top of the bar. The Blitz offense kept on the pressure late, thwarting any dangerous chances from Breakers. The final whistle blew and the 1-0 advantage earned BAC Blitz the 16U Girls National Presidents Cup title. 

17/18U Boys
The 17/18U Boys final match between Inter America Halcones FC (CA-S) and Ocean Township United S.A. Spartans (NJ) proved to be a close, intense battle, similar to their 1-1 draw in group play. The game involved end-to-end action with big keeper saves from Inter America’s Horacio Aguirre and Ocean Township’s Shane McBride. After a full 90 minutes, the match went into overtime and Inter America showed significant determination to earn a goal. After a few consecutive close chances on goal, the Cal South side went up 1-0 when Ramiro Martinez beat the goalkeeper in a 1-v-1 situation. The 110th-minute goal secured the National Presidents Cup crown for Inter America.

17/18U Girls
The 17/18U Girls final between IE Surf 00 Kooiman (CA-S) and Illinois Fusion 00 Premier (IL) was tied 1-1 at the end of regulation and the teams needed kicks from the mark to decide the National Presidents Cup champion. Both Surf and Fusion scored their goals early in the first half with Surf notching the first goal. Surf’s Fiona Woodside found the back of the net in the 4th minute to give her team the lead. Just three minutes later, Lauren Shanks equalized, bringing the score to 1-1. The goal made Shanks the leading goal scorer in the 17/18U Girls age group. Neither team could score during the rest of regulation or during either overtime period, and the game headed to kicks from the mark. Surf’s first two kickers missed, but Surf’s Lauren Bennett made two saves to get her team back in it. It took over the original five rounds to decide the match, and Bennett made yet another clutch save to earn her team the victory.

To view all of Sunday's results, check out the schedule, standings and scores website.

For more information on the US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup, visit

Note:  The US Youth Soccer Presidents Cup is a separate series of events from the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series.


Girls soccer: Storm Select squad set to make waves in Florida

POSTED: Wednesday, July 12, 2017 - 3:02 p.m. 

The Colorado Storm North 02 Select team is playing in the US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup in Florida. ( Courtesy Photo / Daily Camera )
Clint Shade had a feeling about his team from the very beginning.
And when you are coaching teenage girls, that inkling usually takes a little bit of time to develop.
But he knew his Colorado Storm North 02 Select team had "it." The immediate chemistry developed right out of the gate and now they are on the brink of something very special.
Shade's team is already in Florida — and are the only representative from Colorado — preparing for the US Youth Soccer National Presidents Cup against three other regional champs in the 15U division of the prestigious tournament.
"From Day One, they figured out how to work with each other and it has just always clicked for them," said Shade, whose 18-player roster has six girls from BoCo-area teams. "It's an unusual situation, and with girls it usually takes them a while to mesh together; but this group figured out what they needed to do and they have gone about it in the right way and it has taken them all the way to nationals."

To qualify for this week's ultimate prize, the Storm had to first maneuver through the West Regional tournament in Salt Lake City last month.
Playing in Pool C, the defensive minded Storm opened with a team from Cook Inlet in Alaska and after what Shade said was a lackluster practice leading up to the opener, lost 1-0 in a game they dominated.
But it proved to be just the eye opening experience they needed, and they rolled from there. They topped the pool with back-to-back victories against teams from Northern California and Utah to reach the quarterfinals.
"The loss kind of refocused them on the little things they were missing that had been so easy and they just skipped over in that game," said Shade, whose team will open with a team from Arkansas on Thursday at 6 a.m. Colorado time in Florida. "The loss actually helped."
The Storm swept through to the championship in Utah to face Barca Cantera from Southern California and with a 2-1 victory became just one of two non-SoCal teams of the 10 in the age group championship finals to move on to Florida.
"At this point we need to implement our game plan the best we can and hope that it is good enough to come out on top," said Shade of his teams Florida strategy. "It'll be interesting for sure.
"We've been preaching for the last two weeks about water intake and making sure they are hydrated before we even head down there. We expect to run forever, but the heat and humidity is something that is going to have to be dealt with."
If the Storm are going to have success in Florida, a lot of it will be based on the play of Legacy's Makayla Merlo. The Lightning sophomore-to-be is a playmaker from her midfield position and a lot of the team attack goes through her.
"She's my playmaker," Shade said. "She is going to be key in this tournament and if she has a good tournament, then we should do well."
Shade also singled out Holy Family's Lauren Clingman, one of his key central defenders that were instrumental in allowing just four goal in the seven games in Utah.
The other members of the team from the BoCo area are Sophie Dellinger (Fairview), Emily Mikan (Legacy), Emma O'Dell (Broomfield) and Haley Sommer (Fairview).
You can follow along with the team online at
Jon Yunt: or