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Facilities & Futsal Courts

Storm is committed to providing top-notch facilities to it’s members across the Front Range. We also know that access to quality facilities and safe places to play can be non-existent in some areas. Storm is committed to building and/or improving upon facilities that will encourage more physical activity among our youth, both inside and outside of the club. Facilities are a critical component of healthy communities and providing access to sport opportunities. Storm is looking for partners and organizations that share this passion for improving our built environments and the importance of helping our kids be active!

Current Opportunities:
  • Mini Indoor Facilities – Storm Castle Rock, Ft. Collins, and North all have mini indoor soccer training spaces varying in size. In addition to Storm programs, these spaces can also be used for implementing or expanding Storm outreach programs. All of these facilities are either in need of updates or in the process of conversion. Opportunities exist for both donations and sponsorship placement.
Future Opportunities:
  • Futsal Courts – Many Futsal courts are being built over dormant community tennis courts as youth soccer has become more popular than tennis in recent decades. Futsal courts can be placed usually anywhere a soccer field or relevant space on a concrete surface exists. Smaller than average sized soccer fields, these courts are much less expensive to build and easy to maintain. Costs are typically $40,000 – 65,000 depending on several factors. An easy fit in urban areas, these courts have become very popular in recent years both in underserved communities as well as for high performing youth soccer clubs.
  • Indoor Soccer Facilities – Indoor soccer spaces are a necessity for any large youth soccer club in Colorado in order to provide playing space throughout the year. Storm is pursuing opportunities to build new or convert existing facilities for indoor soccer space in the South location as well as additional areas throughout the club. 
  • Outdoor Soccer Fields – Due to the number of youth soccer players in Colorado, demand for field space is much higher than the number of accessible facilities. Storm is committed to being a leader in Colorado for the youth soccer community. We are exploring any possible collaborations, partnerships, and investors to build quality soccer facilities throughout our Storm locations.

Want to get involved? Donate Now or contact us to discuss sponsorship or partnership opportunities: 

Amy Snider, Marketing Director